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     The number of elderly population  in Thailand tends to increase rapidly. As a result, the number of elderly with elderly diseases is also higher, such as dementia.
     For the elderly with dementia, they can recognise and understand that something is wrong with themselves, and feel worried about future events. Some of them have feelings of appreciation or dissatisfaction, but they are unable to communicate or express for other to understand, because they have lost their speaking and language skills and these can lead to violence or loss of their motivation to live their life.
     The main symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss, It mostly occurs in elderly with dementia. But behavioural and psychological symptoms of elderly with dementia (BPSD), such as violence or lack of encouragement to live their life, It can only happen to some elderly with dementia because of BPSD are about feelings and often caused by stress as a result of the environment and relationships of family and close people. I had the opportunity to talk and consult with many Thai people about dementia. And I found that many Thai people still lack understanding about the elderly with this condition.
     With my expertise and experience in caring for the elderly with dementia, I have a feeling that I want to share with Thai society that What dementia is and what the appropriate care guidelines for elderly with dementia are. I believe that the number of people who truly understand the condition will grow significantly. It will help building a better society for the elderly as well.
     I also felt that Thailand still doesn't have enough facilities to provide proper care for the elderly with dementia. In 1990, Japan had passed the time that Thailand was facing now. With appropriate guidelines and methods of care for the elderly with dementia, Japan has been researching, studying, experimenting and practicing for a long time. To promote and help the elderly and elderly's families in Thailand, and to maintain a good quality of life for everyone, Vejpong Company Limited has also supported and helped Thai society to have better health with Thai and Chinese medicine for more than 100 years, therefore I decided to co-found as Hanno-Vejpong Geriatric Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or HVGC to bring knowledge, methods and skills in elderly with dementia care to be used in Thailand.
     With a certificate of consultant in the care of the elderly with dementia and certification in recreational therapy, I am confident that at the Hanno-Vejpong Geriatric Center, I will support, promote and help the elderly to have encouragement to live a continuous, stable and happy life.
                                                 Junichiro Sato

CEO & Certified Dementia Care Advisor

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